Fine Dining

at Grand Villa of Largo

At Grand Villa of Largo, we know that good food is one of the great joys of life. That’s why we’ve created a wonderful dining program for our residents. Our chefs prepare three nutritious and delicious meals a day, which are served in our restaurant-style dining room. Residents make their own meal choices from an extensive menu, and healthy snacks are available throughout the day.

Our restaurant-style dining room helps to capture the family spirit of a shared meal, with residents enjoying delicious food and relaxed conversation. Dining at Grand Villa is an enjoyable social event that encourages interaction and friendship.

Grand Villa of Largo


750 Starkey Road Largo, FL 33771


Passport Dining

At Grand Villa of Largo we love to celebrate special occasions such as birthdays and holidays with party food and theme meals. We also capture the family spirit with our Tasty Traditions program where resident cooks are encouraged to give favorite recipes to our chefs to prepare for the entire community.

Another tradition is our Passport Dining Experience, when residents “travel the world” with cuisine from around the globe. Sundaes on Sundays will satisfy any sweet tooth with old-fashioned ice cream sundaes every week.

Please call to learn more about our Dining Program, as well as our lifestyle options.