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Improve Your Night Vision with Natural Remedies

Have you heard of Nyctalopia? This condition generally begins developing as we become older and causes mild to severe health issues for those affected.

The people that are inflicted with Nyctalopia lose the capacity to easily perform activities such as reading, walking, or driving at night. This can lead to injuries sustained because you were blind to obstacles and a loss of confidence to go out.

However, in many cases, this condition is due to dietary deficiencies. For this reason, Bel Marra Health has compiled a list of tricks to improve your nighttime vision.

  • Wear red-tinted glasses. Put a pair on before you enter low light to help train your eyes to focus better.
  • Do not look directly into any light source. "This increases the amount of time it takes for your vision to acclimatize to the low light," and your pupils are forced to contract when you look directly into a light source. If you can't avoid looking into the source, try closing one eye until it passes.
  • Allow your eyes to adjust naturally to darkness. Try sitting in complete darkness for "20-30 before going out into the night."

Messaging the eye enhances night vision. Tightly closing your eyes and apply slight pressure "on both your eyes with your palms " to significantly better your vision in the dark.

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